About us

MedTech’s Got Talent

MedTech’s Got Talent is a unique entrepreneurship challenge supporting emerging entrepreneurs to develop and refine skills in pitching a business concept, developing a technology roadmap and launching commercialisation activities for their medical technology innovations. There is no charge to participate, and participants tap into real resources (money, expertise, network) to ideally position themselves for start-up success.

Small Technologies Cluster

Since 2005, STC has been an incubator of small tech companies and has administered several grant and voucher programs. These programs enable STC to promote commercialisation and entrepreneurship around next-generation innovations. As companies develop new and more advanced products, the incorporation of emerging technologies becomes increasingly important. Many sectors, like biotechnology, medical devices, life science and information technology, are converging around this rapidly growing core of cutting edge innovation. Encouraging the absorptive capacity within industry is a key focus for STC.

Product Development Mentors

Our industry leading mentor’s spectate the Rapid Fire Round and act as the judges for this stage. Mentor’s choose the teams they would most like to work with, forming a partnership for the remainder of the competition. Mentors offer a wealth of experience and knowledge, guiding their chosen contestants towards a successful business venture.

Erol Harvey

Erol is the co-founder and CEO of MiniFab, and has served on a number of local and federal Australian government committees. Erol has successfully combined a distinguished academic career and entrepreneurial spirit.

Gemma Ferguson

Gemma, a MedTech's Got Talent alumni and Project Manager at Planet Innovation, has expertise combining science, intellectual property and strategic innovation; making her uniquely positioned to advance product development in the medical technologies sector.

Dr Alexander Gosling AM FTSE FIEAust

Dr Alexander Gosling is a board director as Gosling Partners with specialisation in Technology commercialisation, medical device development and board level company strategy and direction.

Luke Martin

Luke Martin is the Head of Strategy and Innovation for Tricycle Developments specialising in product development strategy and industrial design.

James John

Dr James John is a Senior Consultant at Planet Innovation. James has 10 years’ experience, in Australia and the UK, developing medical products from Smart Implants to Point of Care Diagnostics.

Nathan Ray

Nathan is the Systems Engineering Resource Manager at Planet Innovation, bringing the different disciplines of engineering together and focusing the solution on the need. Nathan has 17 years’ experience developing award winning medical products.