MedTech’s Got Talent

In it’s 4th year, MedTech’s Got Talent is Australia’s largest medical device accelerator program. The program is a unique entrepreneurship challenge supporting emerging entrepreneurs to develop and refine skills in pitching a business concept, developing a technology roadmap and launching commercialisation activities for their medical technology innovations. There is no charge to participate, and participants tap into real resources (money, expertise, network) to ideally position themselves for start-up success.

Small Technologies Cluster

Since 2005, STC has been an incubator of small tech companies and has administered several grant and voucher programs. These programs enable STC to promote commercialisation and entrepreneurship around next-generation innovations. As companies develop new and more advanced products, the incorporation of emerging technologies becomes increasingly important. Many sectors, like biotechnology, medical devices, life science and information technology, are converging around this rapidly growing core of cutting edge innovation. Encouraging the absorptive capacity within industry is a key focus for STC.

Meet our STC Rockstars

Our rockstar team are passionate, seasoned entrepreneurs, with significant experience in catalysing and supporting new MedTech ventures. They have a proven track record in nurturing fledgeling entrepreneurs into successful MedTech companies, so are certainly well equipped to take your startup from napkin sketch to seed investment.

Dr. Buzz Palmer (CEO)

Buzz is a passionate technologist, and one of Australia’s leading and most visible voices in entrepreneurship and MedTech innovation. He is a dynamic business leader with a stellar track record of entrepreneurial success in medical technologies and biotech. Buzz enjoys mentoring early stage companies execute on their strategy and venture investment...but be willing to buy him lots of tea.

Dr. Laura Faulconer (COO)

Laura is an entrepreneurship master builder. She is a rockstar at building new programs that grow the emerging technology sector in Australia. She works closely with cluster companies to listen to their needs and help them with their challenges. Laura's unique mix of biomedical engineering, market intelligence and research translation provides a holistic view that assists startups bring their medical devices to market in a swift manner.

Remco Marcelis (CFO)

Remco is an experienced entrepreneurial CFO/COO in dynamic changing businesses. He has worked both sides of the street - in venture capital firms and in venture-backed companies - so you can be sure that he knows his stuff. Remco is also an avid bitcoin enthusiast on the side, and has raised and invested nearly $40 million.

Michelle Kleynhans (Programs Officer)

Michelle is a passionate technology nerd who loves working with startups that are solving global MedTech challenges. She is always up with the latest trends, and loves a good chat/brainstorming session - especially if good food is involved!

Kaushalya Gunatilaka (Strategic Projects Officer)

Kaushalya is passionate about improving the healthcare of humans and likes to be at the forefront of innovation in the sector. She works closely with industry experts to understand the latest opportunities and challenges, and implements strategic, effective and innovative solutions.

Meet our Fantastic Board

Dr Clive Davenport


Michael Wilkinson


Dr Erol Harvey


Dr Kees Eijkel

CEO, Kennispark Twente

Meet our Melbourne Rapid Fire Round Mentors

Mentoring from the best product developers in industry.

Sam Lanyon

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Planet Innovation

James John

Senior Consultant, Planet Innovation

Sue Dafnias

VP Market Development & Strategy, Planet Innovation

Adrian Crouch

Director, Procept

Rob Crowder

GM Product Management & Marketing, Procept

Paul Carboon

Business Development Manager, Hydrix

Brendan Lewis

Strategy & Business Development, Wave Digital

Erol Harvey

Co-Founder & CEO, MiniFAB

Malcolm Woodford

Product Development Project Manager, MiniFAB

Roger Knight


Rod Wiebenga

Head of D+I, Melbourne

Meet our Sydney Rapid Fire Round Mentors

Mentoring from the best product developers in industry.

Warwick Shaw

Innovation Manager & Customer Solutions Partner, Johnson & Johnson Medical

Paul Griebel

Director of Enterprise Marketing, Johnson & Johnson Medical ANZ

Ranjini Mathivanar

Pathfinder - Market Development & Innovation, Medtronic

James Britton

Senior Program Manager - Integrated Health Solutions & Value Based Healthcare, Medtronic

Paul Moutzouris

CEO & Director, Ingenuity Electronics Design

Benjamin Ford

R&D Manager, Ingenuity Electronics Design

Willem Van Der Bijl

Design & Entrepreneurship Group Leader, IDE Group

Ben Cullen

Design & Entrepreneurship Group Leader, IDE Group

Meet our Industry Mentors

Mentoring from the best in industry.

Nadia Odorico

Principal, Patent Attorney, Griffith Hack

Matt Godden

Managing Director, Australian Healthcare Solutions

Greg Rogers

Founder & CEO, Vestech

Suzanne Williams

Co-Founder & Clinical Director, Mobius Medical

Nairy Baghdikian

Director, Cogentum

Anabela Correia

Director, Innvermaven

Mark West

Co-Founder & CEO, Seedly Crowdfunding

Derek Carroll

Partner & Creative Director, Truly Deeply

Meet Our Startups

These startups are doing cool things. And they are MedTech’s Got Talent alumni.


Adaptive Headphones

Synchron Med - Smart Stent

The first endovascular neural interface


Pathology specimen 3D scanner

MedCorp Technologies

Drug delivery and monitoring wearable


Re-imagining the Cochlear implant

Stat Innovations - Eyenaemia

Anaemia diagnostic app


A sensor system for walking frames to prevent falls for seniors


Clinical task platform


Cloud-based stethoscope and non-contact thermometer


Telepresence robot to help people with disability


Preventing cancer treatment side effects

Horus AI

Improving healthcare with artificial intelligence solutions


Sensor enabled nasogastric tube and monitoring system