– Entry Registration must be received by the deadline, no exceptions

– Individuals/teams may enter multiple ideas but only one may progress to the Rapid Fire Round

– All presentations must follow outlines restrictions with respect to time, allowable props, etc. Violation of presentation rules may result in disqualification.

– Applicants are required to sign a waiver allowing The Actuator the rights to photograph and film participation in the competition for marketing purposes.

– All teams are required to participate in media and press opportunities related to the competition, including but not limited to media interviews and content for press releases. Participation in media and press opportunities does not require teams to disclose any proprietary or otherwise confidential information related to their business or product concepts. The Actuator is available, upon request, to provide consultation to help avoid such disclosures.

– Award money must be issued to an ABN, not a person and must be used to further develop the product/concept that was pitched (or a reasonable pivot from this). For the $10,000 finalist award, there are parameters for how the money is to be spent with portions going to stage 0 development, prototype development, administrative tasks, legal costs and international travel to participate in MedTech’s Got Talent organised functions. For the $30,000 there are no parameters aside from it being applied toward commercialisation of the product/concept.